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Appraisal Systems - 20 pages

Associated Quality Documentation (not less than 30 forms and documents) 

Booking-In Vehicles (laminated chart)

Continuing Professional Development (3 pages)

Creating a Sales Presentation (3 pages)

Corporate Policy Statement (4 pages)

Corporate Objectives (1 page)

Customer Satisfaction Checklist (2 pages)

Credit Management (27 pages)

Dealership Handbook (17 pages)

Establisihng a Complaints Procedure 4 pages

Energy Management System applicable to dealerships

Final Inspection and Road Test (laminated) 

Final Inspection Checklist Service and Repair (laminated)

Final Inspection Checklist Service, Repair and Body (laminated)

Financial Control - Debt Collecting (2 pages)

Financial Control - Bankruptcy (2 pages)

Guidelines for Auditing Quality Systems (5 pages)

Guidelines for Implementing an EMS System (4 pages)

Guidelines for the Implementation of a Quality System: Used Cars (4 pages)

Health and Safety Policy and Procedure Manual (30 pages)

Health and Safety Policy Statement (shortened version 3 pages)

In-Process Inspection (laminated)

Instructions to Inspectors - Final Inspection (laminated)

Internal Quality Audits - (6 pages)

Job Evaluation/Job Description (26 varieties)

Objective Action Programme - (2 pages)

Organisational Self-Analysis Model - (pages)

Personnel Policy and Procedures - (10 pages)

Prospect Systems - (6 pages)

Quality Control Final Inspection Checklist (laminated)

Quality Control Audit Checklists (general 22 pages)

Quality System Checklists (dealership 12 pages)

Sample Quality Assurance Manual (26 pages)

Systematic Training - (1 page)

Terms and Conditions (2 pages)

Terms of Trade (2 pages)

Terms of Trade A (specimen)

Terms of Trade B (specimen)

Tool-Kits - Dealer Principal, Sales, After Sales, Parts Managers (6 pages)

Use of Company Vehicles (8 pages)

Valeting Procedure (4 pages)

Vehicle Handover Procedure (2 pages)

Work Instructions Sales (laminated)

Work Instructions After Sales (laminated)

Work Instructions Parts (laminated)

Works Instructions (Bodyshop)



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